Tile and grout cleaning

Clean tile and grout with a powerful, yet safe and gentle, cleaning process. We will be using a specially developed tile and grout cleaning solution and high-pressure, hot water rinse with a fully enclosed vacuum system.

We recommend using a clear sealer on your grout after it has been cleaned. This extra layer of protection seals the grout, making it resistant to spills and stains and easier to clean in the future - keeping the grout and the surface looking clean longer.

Area rug Cleaning

Dusting is the most important step in cleaning area rugs. Area rugs collect an amazing amount of dust, sand and dirt. These become embedded in the foundation of the rug. Our advanced method of dusting using compressed air and our patented air wand, removes years of embedded soil and sand safely from the foundation up with no harmful beating of the rug. After dusting, we begin the washing process.

First, all rugs are tested for colorfastness. If the dyes in the rug are unstable, we will treat them with our patented Dye Block solution to assure a no-bleed wash.

Second, we take the rug through a submersion wash combined with a disinfectant bath. These processes insure the removal of any stains and contaminants. Our compression wringer assures that all cleaning agents and soils are purged from the foundation of the rug to the ends of the rug fibers.

For extreme urine or mildew problems, we use a decontamination bath.

After washing, we finish the cleaning process using our custom Soft Water Rinse process. We use a jacuzzi- like air/rinse system. Dirty water is filtered out with a constant flow of soft water, and a large volume of filtered, compressed air is injected in. The end result is a carpet so clean, you could literally drink the remaining run- off water.

The drying process is very important. We carefully move a constant flow of warm, dry air across each rug. This ensures rapid drying for a softer, cleaner finish. This process ensures a healthy, clean rug that looks like new. 

Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpet using crystal polymer encapsulation technology.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning is the newest technology in carpet cleaning.

Dirt particles are trapped and literally surrounded by a crystallizing polymer. This chemical, which is sprayed across the surface of a carpet, is gently brushed, or rubbed, into the fibers. Once in the fiber, the chemical surrounds individual soil particles and forms a crystallized barrier around the entire particle.

The newly crystallized dirt is isolated as it no longer is able to attract other soil particles. The encapsulated particle is then suctioned to the carpet surface by a regular vacuum cleaner.

With very little water being used in the cleaning process, carpeting dries quickly.

Upholstery Cleaning

​Stains, spills, and other messes are a frustrating experience to endure—especially when they happen in places where we like to sit and lounge! No matter how well you care for the furniture in your home, accidents will happen from time to time.

Whether it's caused by food, drink, a pet, or a loved one, these messes can cause trouble and damage if not dealt with quickly! In addition, your upholstery builds up dust and dirt over time, which can influence allergic reactions. A frequent deep clean of your upholstery will ensure longer life of your favorite furniture. I maintain my Upholstery Cleaning & Fabric Cleaning Certification through the IICRC certification program.

As with your carpet It is recommended by furniture manufactures to have your upholstery cleaned every one to two years depending upon the amount of wear and tear it goes through.


Make sure you're keeping your furnishings crisp and fresh with regular cleanings!