Carpet care tips

Vacuum your carpet on a regular schedule, with a quality vacuum this will remover over 80% of the dry soils in your carpet.

Remove spills as they happen, never use soap or products intended for laundry to spot clean your floor.

Blot don’t rub with a dry clean towel, rubbing will only spread the stain and can damage the carpet fibers giving them a fuzzy look, this will draw attention to the area even if the stain is gone. If you had a protectant applied as parts of the cleaning process it will be easier to remove the stain. Teflon® Advance forms an invisible shield around each fiber, which resists soiling and staining it also this makes your carpets easier to care for.

Have your carpet professionally cleaned as needed. Carpet in a typical household should be cleaned every 12 to 18 months this is based your life style number of family members and their ages, location of residence, number of pets and other factors.

Upholstery Cleaning

A frequent deep clean of your upholstery will ensure longer life of your favorite furniture. I maintain my Upholstery Cleaning & Fabric Cleaning Certification through the IICRC certification program.

As with your carpet It is recommended by furniture manufactures to have your upholstery cleaned every one to two years depending upon the amount of wear and tear it goes through